Rethinking project and resource management for students!

With inspiration from personal experiences and leading project management services, Studemia is the first of it's kind - specifically tailored for students.
Academic Management is finally here!

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Studemia is where students go to share resources and collaborate in projects

Just choose your current courses and we'll provide you with valuable tools for creating and working in projects, organizing notes, sharing resources and keeping up with other students in your courses. It's a whole new way of organizing and sharing your studies.


Create study groups

Easily create and organize projects. Assign tasks and to-do's within the project and share thoughts, resources and ideas in the feed.


No more mess setting up a project and all associated tasks. Studemia provides pre-defined templates for a variety of projects and group works.

Share resources

Share notes and resources with course members. Receive course summaries and highly ranked resources from previous semesters.

Calendar Get an overview of your tasks and projects

Facebook connect Login using your facebook account

Course feed Share stuff with your course members

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Create and plan projects with course members. Split projects into smaller parts, assign and delegate tasks to members of the project and share resources and thoughts in the project-specific feed.


With inspiration from leading project managament methods we provide pre-defined templates for a variety of projects across different subjects. No more mess setting up a project and all associated tasks.

Course Feed

Ever wanted to share some notes with your class? Or ask course members when that homework was due? With Studemia this is only a click away.


Share resources with your course or project members. Download available resources and rank the ones you find most useful.


Discuss everything! Comment and discuss on everything from a single post in the feed to discussions about whether to use option A or B in your projects to-do.